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A firm belief and an even more firm vision.

Tyler and Chris, owner and co-owner of DIDIN respectively, sat down with Wilder Designs to discuss the future. It's not simply that time is moving forward and that we're moving with it - it's that time is moving forward, and so are ideas and innovations that are paving the way for the future of online connectivity.

Whether it's the way we browse or the way we navigate what we want to browse, businesses (and people alike) are discovering that above all else, convenience and ease-of-use is the leading factor for conversion. Learning a new tool (or website) can be difficult, and in today's age, people aren't going to commit to learning a tool (or website) that requires a degree in computer science.

So that's where DIDIN.chat comes in. A tool we're all used to, all familiar with. With five billion users, DIDIN has perfected the way businesses and consumers interact; all through Facebook.

DIDIN focuses mainly on acquisition through the Facebook platform - however, they also specialize in the Messenger & SMS channel as well.

A narrow scope - easy enough to work with.

And that's why they wanted their website to be: a very simple, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, deliverable and concise, website.

Nothing fancy. Just a website that sticks to their vision - that the future of online connectivity is here, and that it's time to do it; do it now. DIDIN.

Getting to it.

When we were creating the website, we were starting from the ground up. What should this site be? We know what we want to represent, but how do we do it? 

In the sketches we had drafted, it became clear that since the Messenger aspect of Facebook was going to be DIDIN's main sell, the website should reflect all aspects of communicating with Messenger. And that's where we added the phone, offset from center, having a conversation about the website.

Our starting point was established, and we knew that we had to stay within the realm of DIDIN's vision - simple and easy to use. 

With that goal in mind, we set off and made a list of the most important 'broad key features' about DIDIN's service.

1. Intelligent conversations
2. Customizable conversations
3. Surveys

We had to illustrate the importance of DIDIN as simply as we could.

But with that, we had to not only satisfy the question of 'what makes DIDIN better', we had to do it a way that showed we could handle anything.

Attaching the brands and institutions we've worked with, with the philosophy behind DIDIN, we felt the home page beginning to breathe.

Deciding on the art style.

Gradient blues and solid white background are the staple of tech. There's very little debate about that, and following current trends, it's a safe-place to be. But just blue and white can get a little... would you say... lonely? Bland? Lacking-of-personality? 

Adding some color in the mix provided a little more life into an otherwise uniform dichotomy of blue and white.

Buttons are a good place to start. Call To Action (CTA) buttons almost always represent the urge to sell; being select about them is a good habit.

So that's why we decided to include several on the index page: most a companion-color to the blue background, and the most important CTA - a bright, almost-eccentric orange that seems to shout "hey, over here!"

Having three or four colors often helps alleviate most concern regarding lifelessness, but the overall feeling for the website still came off as ambiguous- neither bad nor good, but that's not really the kind of solution to the problem we were looking for. We needed... warmth.

Just like Disney doesn't want to come off as anti-family, we didn't want to come off as anti-personality. One of DIDIN's key features is having a custom personality for your chatbot; we decided we should continue to operate on that idea.

With the other pages being designed in similar fashion, we ultimately chose to go with round edges and illustrated images, offering a soft, non-abrasive character-type that we felt was inline with DIDIN's vision.

With a warmer palette added in juxtaposition to the starting hues, the site finally felt much more lively.

We finally felt good about it.


It's not just the illustrations and the information that exists on the website. As said, it's about the ease of use. DIDIN had this in mind when they were starting their project, and they had every intention of making their website a shining example of their product.

DIDIN.chat uses their own tool - a messaging bot in the bottom right of their website.

If you're not already signed in via the cookies Facebook has stored in your browser, then you will be asked to sign-in. It's a two-tap assignment that takes less than 3 seconds on an optimal internet connection.

When simple is your priority, minimizing the clicks to navigate your website is also a priority.

When the bot is established, you can ask it a question. Go ahead, do what you need. Schedule a meeting? Done. Ask about the details? Sure.

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